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You read about psychics giving you lucky lottery numbers and if you questioned them they will claim that these numbers will be lucky for you however there is no concept of time in the spirit world therefore they can’t say just when they will win. This is time to switch on your scam alert radar, don’t waste your money.

However it does ask an interesting question if a psychic is psychic why can’t they give you the lottery numbers? Tuning into the spirit world to get accurate information is not easy; you have to have very pure energy and intent.

Getting messages from the other side is all about healing and love and helping people overcome grief by reassurance and having the chance to rebuild bridges and express love or forgiveness and help people find direction in their life.

Psychic messages are communications with higher vibration energies who have evolved from the physical to exist in spirit. To them the important things in life are not things and to help you obtain winning lottery numbers is just not ethical.

In this life we learn very little from what we achieve with ease, it is the things we struggle with that teach us our greatest lessons.

However remember your health and the love you give and receive can never be replaced by money in the bank. Therefore be grateful with what you have right now and focus on how you will achieve your dreams through taking action every single day.

Without direction your life will be like a ship adrift thrown around by the winds of fate, today is the day to decide where you are going.

Love & Light

Chris Lee

Psychic Medium