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Chris Lee is an Internationally Acclaimed Glasgow-born Psychic Medium who has been “working with spirit” for over 20 Years.


Chris’ “methodology” is to “open” to his guides as a medium, to allow through the subject’s loved ones and/or their guides who have “passed over”. He then relays accurate and specific details about their life to help them come to terms with their loss, address current or residual issues going forward.


Chris has studied extensively in India, the universally recognised “epicentre” of spirituality. He was a pioneering UK student in his field having immersed himself in Kundalini Healing Therapy in Delhi, India.  He has studied in the spiritual field in Thailand as well for 2 years. He stayed at various Buddhist temples and dedicated his time on developing his attunement to spirit. 


Chris is a Psychic Medium / Healer who was based in Australasia and New Zealand for the last 10 Years. He gained a massive popular following based on his “awesome” record for uncanny accuracy as a psychic medium. Chris is now residing in Glasgow, Scotland.


In short, Chris Lee is not “your average Psychic Medium”. One of his many gifts is to “bond” with the people who consult him. Right from the off, he puts clients at their ease. He’s down to earth not scary or intimidating. If EVER there was someone born with psychic ability to help people LIKE YOU, Chris IS IT


But don’t just listen to us. What do our respected peers say about Chris Lee?

“Chris Lee is one of the most accurate and

progressive psychic mediums working today”.

Quote from Spirit and Destiny magazine





“Fee are £60 for 45 minutes.

In person in my office at

How this works, call us first and we shall give you a provisional date and time subject to receiving payment within 24 hours, the advantage of full payment is that you will be be added to our priority list should an earlier appointment become available.

Pay in full now.

If you are unable to pay in full call us first and we shall give you a provisional date and time, subject to receiving payment within 24 hours, we offer a deposit option of £20 pounds however please note with a part payment you will not be be added to our priority list should an earlier appointment become available.

Pay your deposit now.

4 Hayburn Street
G11 6DF

Alternatively call 07828 566733 or 0141 258 3660


PS Chris has a free monthly drawing for a chance to win a free 1/2 hour consultation.

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Chris is delighted to have been invited to become a be a member of the UK Association of Psychics.
UK Psychic directory. The best psychics offering psychic readings.
Official site of UK Association of Psychics : UKs top invitation only psychic directory of independent professional psychics.

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112 Responses to “Chris Lee Psychic Medium”

  • celena:

    tell me why i would like a reading

  • celena:

    can u tell me why i want a reading

  • Elle:

    Had my second reading with Chris recently.  Absolutely fabulous!  Would certainly recommend Chris to everyone. The best by a mile.
    Thanks Chris! Booked again – but a year away!xx

  • Jean Clark:

    I will be coming to,Scotland at the beginning of September and will be there for a month. I wondered if you would do a private psychic reading for at some point over that time frame, I am coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have recently suffered a loss. I would be very grateful if you had some time available.
    Jean Clark

  • I saw Chris lee for second time today 27/02/15 (3 years apart) . I was extremely happy with first reading , all I can say about to describe my reading today is “wow I was absolutely blown away ” by far the best psychic I’ve saw .

  • Elle:

    Had a reading with Chris recently.  What an experience.  What can I say other than “Simply the best”.  You will not be disappointed.  Next reading booked – even if it is a year off – looking forward to it already.

  • Karen:

    The accuracy and detail of my reading from Chris was amazing. I didn’t want to leave when my time was up. Chris certainly has a special gift. A truely amazing experience and I have booked in again for my next reading in 12 months!

  • JK:

    Over the past few years I’ve had a few readings with Chris. Chris is a very friendly and genuine guy with a truly amazing gift.

    With me (and everyone I know who has seen him too) Chris was amazingly specific in the messages he gave. Names, places, relations, dates, situations, etc. I’ve seen other mediums in person and on tv and I don’t think any are as talented as Chris. That said, let’s hope he doesn’t become a world wide star so that we can continue to get readings with him!

    I’m a person with quite a scientific background so I’d say I would be quite a hard person to convince. However, meeting with Chris totally convinced me of his ability to link in with those on the other side so to speak. There is simply no way Chris would know the information he does other than from him hearing it from the other side.

    I’d like to thank Chris for the help he has given me and for giving me a new found believe in life after this one. He really is a top guy!

  • julie:

    saw chris today for the second time all i can say is what a very very special and gifted man spot on with names, events ,spot on with everything he said will be going back in the future to see him ive been to see loads of psychics and he is without a doubt by far THE BEST!!!!

  • Lorna:

    Just been to visit Chris for a second time in 18 months.  He was even better second time round.  He was spot on with names, places and things that have happened and hopefully what I was told this time will happen fairly soon.  Would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who wants a reading.  Fantastic.  What more can I say.

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