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Chris Lee is an Internationally Acclaimed Glasgow-born Psychic Medium who has been “working with spirit” for over 20 Years.


Chris’ “methodology” is to “open” to his guides as a medium, to allow through the subject’s loved ones and/or their guides who have “passed over”. He then relays accurate and specific details about their life to help them come to terms with their loss, address current or residual issues going forward.


Chris has studied extensively in India, the universally recognised “epicentre” of spirituality. He was a pioneering UK student in his field having immersed himself in Kundalini Healing Therapy in Delhi, India.  He has studied in the spiritual field in Thailand as well for 2 years. He stayed at various Buddhist temples and dedicated his time on developing his attunement to spirit. 


Chris is a Psychic Medium / Healer who was based in Australasia and New Zealand for the last 10 Years. He gained a massive popular following based on his “awesome” record for uncanny accuracy as a psychic medium. Chris is now residing in Glasgow, Scotland.


In short, Chris Lee is not “your average Psychic Medium”. One of his many gifts is to “bond” with the people who consult him. Right from the off, he puts clients at their ease. He’s down to earth not scary or intimidating. If EVER there was someone born with psychic ability to help people LIKE YOU, Chris IS IT


But don’t just listen to us. What do our respected peers say about Chris Lee?

“Chris Lee is one of the most accurate and

progressive psychic mediums working today”.

Quote from Spirit and Destiny magazine





“Fee are £60 for 45 minutes.

In person in my office at

How this works, call us first and we shall give you a provisional date and time subject to receiving payment within 24 hours, the advantage of full payment is that you will be be added to our priority list should an earlier appointment become available.

Pay in full now.

If you are unable to pay in full call us first and we shall give you a provisional date and time, subject to receiving payment within 24 hours, we offer a deposit option of £20 pounds however please note with a part payment you will not be be added to our priority list should an earlier appointment become available.

Pay your deposit now.

4 Hayburn Street
G11 6DF

Alternatively call 07828 566733 or 0141 258 3660


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Chris is delighted to have been invited to become a be a member of the UK Association of Psychics.
UK Psychic directory. The best psychics offering psychic readings.
Official site of UK Association of Psychics : UKs top invitation only psychic directory of independent professional psychics.

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116 Responses to “Chris Lee Psychic Medium”

  • hi chris its me margaret simpson on facebook see I want to buy tart card dose the centre sell tham and I might come along to centre xx love and light

  • Dd:

    Sorry to hear that ! But I’m not deluded I’m the youngest of 10 and to mention 8 of my siblings and there family’s was not just a gap in mind to tell me the things he told me was impossible for him to no know or for me to be deluded . He was the best I,be ever been to . But we all have our own options

  • Callum:

    I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but nobody possesses the ability to contact the dead. When you approach a medium, you are already psychologically vulnerable, you will make yourself believe anything that gives you a glimmer of hope. Your’e brain is basically a very powerful pattern finding machine. As soon as a “medium” stumbles across a name or a place that is remotely significant to your life then your brain starts to fill in the gaps and that only compounds the problem. Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to experience, but please don’t turn to pseudo science in the hope that you will find something real there. There are two types of psychic, those who are deluded enough to believe they possess some supernatural power and those that just see an opportunity to make a decent amount of money.

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